The Chat Rules are here please read it.


  1. No Spamming.
  2. No telling Slangs.
  3. No sexsual disscussions.
  4. No insulting users for anything even their are weak in battles or lost to you.
  5. Never ever say that your are best trainer.etc
  6. No telling you are afraid if someone refuses to battle you.
  7. Battles can be held on the chat by Refs.
  8. Refs can be c-mods or admins.No regular users.
  9. This is it follow them or get banned.
  10. BTW,Admins and C-mods can break "SOME" of the Rules not all.

List of Banned PersonsEdit

The list is provided down here.

Requests for UnbansEdit

If someone request for unban or apolozizes they should contact the admin the c-mod who have banned him/her.


Request for BansEdit

If you arent chat mod and want give us that a user has broke the rules then press the print screen button and take a screenshot of the chat.Go to paint and press control key + v to paste the image proof now upload the image and message a c-mod or admins.


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