Missions will be updated, and posted frequently. Completing them will give you a reward.

List of MissionsEdit

  • Capture a Caterpie, and bring it to Professor Oak's Lab. (Reward: 300 PokeDollars).
  • Complete four Pokemon Battles in Static Station. (Reward: 1000 PokeDollars).
  • Help find Ash's Pikachu across the areas, before Team Rocket do. (Reward: 1000 PokeDollars).
  • Evolve your starter Pokemon, by leveling it up. (Reward: 1500 PokeDollars).
  • Capture assorted Pokemon for Professor Oak, and return it to him safely. (Reward: 2000 PokeDollars).
  • Capture a Pidgey, and bring it to Professor Oak's Lab. (Reward: 300 PokeDollars).
  • Catch 6 pokemons(Reward:1500 PokeDollars)
  • Catch a Snorlax(Reward:1800 PokeDollers)
  • Complete the PokeDex(Reward:10000 PokeDollars)

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